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First Choice Bike Breakers Ireland

First Choice Bike Breakers is Irelands leading bikebreaker for all motorcycle parts, engines,  wheels, tires, fueltanks, chains, used motorcycles and much more.

Discount motorcycle accessories.

First Choice Bike Breakers supplies Honda Parts, Kawasaki parts, Yamaha parts, Suzuki parts, Ducati parts en BMW parts and hard to come by old motorbike parts.

We sell, supply and ship spare motorbike parts and second hand motorbike parts worldwide and also to the motorbike trade.

For Bikers, By Bikers!

Because we enjoy motorbikes and the motorbike sport, just like you do, you can rest assured that we take the greatest pride in our work. So why not come and visit First Choice Bike Breakers for your spare parts to repair or built your motorbike.


Our Workshop

  • Bike Engines +

    Hundreds Of Good Engines,from 100cc to 1600cc!
  • Motorbike Wheels +

    Front and rear motorbike wheels, with or without tyres and brakes.
  • Motorbike Exhausts +

    Motorbike Exhausts for Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW, Ducati and hard to come by bikes
  • Motorbike Frames +

    Motorbike frames from all motorbike manufacturers to built your own mmotorbike.
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Ireland's Largest Bike Breaker Sinds 1995!


We buy your old bike for cash.


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